Genesis Media, Heads Music Strike Data Alliance

Predictive analytics platform Genesis Media is teaming with indie label Heads Music for a data-sharing partnership that enables music artists to more effectively reach and engage their fans. 

The non-exclusive deal lets Heads label's artists, including Wyclef Jean, have access to big data points including which formats, lengths and types of creative resonate best with music fans, they say. 

The digital music marketing category has become a fiercely competitive space for fan attention. Digital and social are both major influences in the way that consumers discover new music. Marketers are constantly creating new content and a challenge is demystifying the true return on investment for that content. 

This deal will enable both companies to evaluate the details that affect attention in music marketing. This includes audience and contextual alignments; exploring the differentiated use of ad formats, length and creative, tracking branded content versus advertising to find which are most effective; showcasing how data can effectively help music artists to expand audience reach and understand the attention that their brand earns and how the message is received. 



Both sides plan to use the results of their findings to serve as a guide to other brands and within the greater advertising industry.  

Networking facilitated the partnership. After Genesis' Mark Yackanich and Heads' Madeline Nelson met at an event a year ago, Mark realized the insights Genesis develops as an analytics company - applied to a specific industry vertical - could drive value for everyone. "Given the integrated nature of Heads Music, including their independence and willingness to take measured risk, it was clear that by working together, these companies could meld creative and technology in unique and new ways, from the exploration of new ad formats, to the development of unique targeting and different types of storytelling through media," the firms stated.  

The first results under the new partnership will be released later this summer/fall.

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