SendGrid Updates Email API

SendGrid, a cloud-based communications platform, has released an updated version of its Web API to reduce email development time. 

The new reiteration of SendGrid’s API bundles a variety of email management features together to simplify the amount of resources needed to set up and manage a company’s email infrastructure. The largest upgrade comes in the aptly named “personalizations” feature that adds customizable parameters for email blocks.

This allows developers to set default parameters on all emails to ensure they are cohesive and unified, as well as abiding DMARC regulations. Developers and marketers can then override these specific parameters with the suite of personalization tools available in SendGrid’s new API feature to make each message relevant to the individual email subscriber. 

Additional feature updates include automated, intuitive formatting, detailed error reporting and a sandbox mode to test the email structure or integration before the message is ever sent to a subscriber’s inbox.



SendGrid has also released an updated library of coding languages to help developers quickly integrate SendGrid’s API. The company provides full documentation, code examples, unit testing and support in seven different languages, including C#, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Python and Ruby.

SendGrid asserts that users of the previous version of its API will not have any interruption of service, but recommends that customers begin moving to the new platform.

“However, we will no longer support v2 endpoints for new features or within our API libraries,” writes Cassie Stewart, product marketing at SendGrid, in a blog post announcing the news online.


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