LG Highlights The UHD 'Experience'

LG Electronics is taking the whole “seeing is believing” mantra to heart with a new program to educate consumers about the next generation of television sets. 

The company is rolling out its “LG Experience” interactive television displays in 400 Best Buy stores across the country to show off its High Dynamic Range, 4K UHD and Super UHD sets. 

“With so many great new technologies available today and oftentimes confusing jargon used to describe them, it’s our job as a manufacturer to help consumers understand the benefits of today’s leading innovations — and one of the best ways to do that is to offer first-hand consumer experiences,” company representative Taryn Brucia, tells Marketing Daily



The displays will serve as a showcase for “immersive digital content,” with 4K videos and demos to educate consumers about the HDR technology and explore LG’s webOS smart TV platform. 

“LG is uniquely positioned to help U.S. consumers navigate the latest TV technologies because we’re the only manufacturer to offer large-screen OLED TVs together with advanced LCD/LED TVs,” Brucia says.  “If a shopper wants to see the full range of TV innovations available, they need look no further than the LG Experience.”

In addition to the 400 Best Buy stores, the experience will be adapted for regional retailers as well. LG and its retail partners will use social and digital channels to promote the LG Experience as part of a “360 degree approach to marketing,” Brucia says. 

“When it comes to picture quality of a TV, there’s nothing quite like seeing it for yourself,” she says. “Offering comprehensive and interactive opportunities like we’re doing with the LG Experience at retail is one important part of our approach.”

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