Americans Ask Google To Help Find Pikachu, Eevee

Millions across the country use their phones to hunt for Pikachu and pals -- characters in Pokemon Go. SurveyMonkey estimates the game now has more than 21 million active daily U.S. users.

The augmented reality game alerts players when a Pokémon is near. Players can catch them using a virtual Pokéball. The aim of the game is to catch them all.

Different characters of Pokémon Go are found at various locations. Catching them isn't easy, so Americans are turning to Google to help them find certain Pokémon.

The gamer over at, which helps consumers sell unwanted CDs, DVDs, Games, Blu-Rays, Books and Electronics, decided to find the most popular characters for each state. They took phrases like "where is" and ‘"how to find," and paired them up with the Pokémon Go characters in the game and measured the volume of searches in each state.

Pikachu is the most searched-for Pokémon in America. Gamers in Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island all hunt for the star of the TV series.



Eevee is the second-most-searched Pokémon. Despite being one of the lesser-known Pokémon, players in Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas are desperate to find her.

The third-most-searched Pokémon in America is Ditto. Players in New York, Alabama, Maryland and South Dakota are all looking for this one.

Folks in Louisiana are looking for Electrabuzz; Wyoming, Blastoise; and Massachusetts, Dragonite.






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