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Advertisers Can Now Buy Programmatic Ads To Target Kids Online

Rubicon Project has formed a partnership with "kid-safe" marketing platform SuperAwesome to create what they are claiming is the world's first kid-focused programmatic advertising exchange, according to a Business Insider report. "The launch of 'REX' means that marketers can now use Rubicon's automated tools to buy advertising to target children under the age of 13 online — with the guarantee that the ads they buy are safe and legal. To date, the entire online children's advertising market operated on a direct-deal basis, meaning advertisers couldn't use programmatic tools to buy ads targeted to children across a range of sites — they'd have to speak to each publisher's sales teams directly." The report notes that the Federal Trade Commission introduced COPPA (The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) in 2000, which places strict restrictions on marketing to children under the age of 13, particularly prohibiting the use of using behavioral data to target kids.

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