Jarlsberg Celebrates Its 60th With Social Media Campaign

When Jarlsberg cheese first started 60 years ago, specialty cheese wasn't very common. The deli case at the local grocery store maybe featured a few cheese varieties and some meat, but there weren’t the vast offerings common today like prepared foods, sandwiches, hummus, and vegan items. 

Fast-forward to today and the brand has an extensive presence in delis and supermarkets but wants to further extend its awareness. 

"Jarlsberg is the anchor to many cheese cases," says Deborah Seife, marketing manager, Norseland. "It's an approachable specialty cheese brand. It has a tremendous awareness. But we need to expand to younger generations." 

Working with agency Bender Group and its own in-house creative team, Jarlsberg is celebrating its 60th anniversary with creative designed to "connect with consumers enjoying the moment," says Seife. "Our tagline is 'Yours To Share' so everything we do is about the experience. Our product is in the forefront of enjoying and sharing the moment." 



Fans can enter the "Cheese Weekly Perfect Pairing Giveaway" at between August 1st and September 12th to win one of six trips to Norway. Entrants can also post a photo showing their favorite pairing of Jarlsberg Cheese on the brand's Facebook page. 

In addition to the trip, other prizes include the Perfect Pair Jarlsberg Cheese Kit: $50 gift card and a $50 visa gift card to purchase the "perfect pairing wine of choice.” 

Jarlsberg is supporting this contest across all its social media channels, including its recently launched Instagram account which is run out of Norway headquarters and is helping to raise awareness for a new cream cheese collection from its sister label Snofrisk. 

Although Jarlsberg hopes to reach younger fans, the contest's target demographic isn't necessarily rooted in age, says Seife. "We want to reach the person who shops at Starbucks and Chipotle. They aren't looking at price, but want wonderful products that are natural and good for them."

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