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Demystifying The Concept of 'Attribution' In Digital Marketing

Tech Crunch seeks to "demystify the concept of “attribution” in digital marketing, casting a sports analogy. The report says attribution in business "is very similar to giving credit to a player for assisting another player in achieving an objective. It would be unfair to only recognize a player in terms of the number of baskets scored without acknowledging who helped make the play possible." In fact, "one of the most common methods of attribution in the digitalmarketing industry is based on last click, which means giving credit to the latest channel that the user clicked on before 'converting,' or making a purchase. Multi-touch attribution enables us to determine the true value of each marketing channel. In this method, instead of giving 'credit' or 'attribution' to only the latest channel that drove conversion, all the channels that came before it are also given due credit based on the different methods used."



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