Buick Conducts Influencer Program In Hamptons

Buick invited a small group of influencers in the wellness/health space to attend classes and talks in the Hamptons as part of the Buick Studio Envision.

A Buick spokesperson says it is a one-time, invitation-only program, however Buick Marketing Director Molly Peck says the brand could model it in other locations, although there is currently no plan to do so. 

“It’s doing exactly what we set out to do,” Peck tells Marketing Daily from the event Aug. 12. “It’s an overall continuation of bringing to life the sense of well-being that is one of the key values of Buick.”

Buick designed an app for scheduling attendance at events that is available on the Apple and Android app stores. But the app will be pulled down once the event is over, a Buick spokesperson says. The event was Aug. 12 - 13.



About 45 people were attending the event on Aug. 12. Attendees are coming and going for different activities and that number is expected to hold steady throughout the weekend. A Buick Envision compact SUV and Buick Cascada convertible are on display with doors open so attendees can look inside and even use the in-vehicle Wifi.

The event includes sound baths, human design charts, nutritional evaluations, pilates, massages, Reiki and two newly commissioned content films by models/actresses Nina Agdal and Carolyn Murphy. Upon the conclusion of the weekend the two content films, entitled "Quiet Tuning" and "Joyful Driving" - which feature Agdal and Murphy, will be available online at

According to an invitation to the event “Buick Studio Envision takes inspiration from the Buick brand values of quiet, calm and comfort and continues the support of the growing trend for wellness and the pursuit of happiness, a core American value. The all-new Envision is a perfect blend of style, refinement, versatility, and safety. These attributes give passengers a driving experience that creates a harmonious and spacious environment and a sense of wellbeing.”

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