Time Inc. Partners With Index Exchange On Header Bidding Wrapper

Time Inc. on Wednesday announced that it has selected programmatic marketplace Index Exchange as its primary header bidding wrapper partner. With the selection, Time Inc. reinforces its commitment to header bidding and programmatic advertising developments.

With the partnership, Time Inc. ad inventory will now be available to advertisers looking to get in front of prime audiences and user data across display, mobile and video content. Time Inc. will have the potential to increase ad revenues by instantly evaluating multiple sources of demand from every programmatic marketplace simultaneously.

Header bidding enables the company to allow all advertisers equal opportunity to access the highest value impressions and users. It also lets them transparently bid on these users, based on the value they represent to the advertiser.

"Transparency continues to be a rising theme in the programmatic advertising space," stated Andrew Casale, president and CEO, at Index Exchange. "Integrating advertising signals into the page header provide equal and extended access to sophisticated marketers that want to tap into the broad reach, rich audiences and high impact opportunities accessible across the Time Inc. brand portfolio."



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