Jivox Launches Platform For Dynamic, Personalized Video Advertising

Jivox on Thursday introduced a new set of capabilities that will enable brand marketers to build and deliver targeted video ad campaigns that are customized to individuals. The capabilities enable marketers to dynamically generate hundreds of thousands of potential video variations, according to the personalized advertising platform provider.

Jivox’s new IQ platform for dynamic video advertising will enable marketers to create personalized video ads that can be created on the fly depending on which data triggers are used. The solution comes as a response to a lot of what video advertising is today—static videos with little ability for customization, and content overlays that are manually hand-coded.

Personalized digital advertising which dynamically adjusts branding, product messaging, imagery, pricing, and other ad variables according to the individual viewing the ad, is a goal for brands. Dynamic video advertising has been limited primarily to customized content superimposed onto static video files.

Real-Time Daily asked Tim Bagwell, SVP, Xaxis Ad Labs, to put the development into context:

RTD: What is the importance of personalization and dynamic creative in helping marketers with real-time insights and targeting?

 Tim Bagwell: Marketers have long sought to have one-to-one conversations with consumers about their products and services, but cost and scalability have been huge barriers up to now. With the emergence of programmatic audience platforms like Xaxis and programmatic creative platforms like Jivox, we have effectively eliminated these barriers. 

Personalized dynamic creative is the perfect complement to a well-planned audience targeting campaign. Whereas audience targeting makes sure brands are engaging the right people, personalized creative ensures they are speaking to that audience in a way that increases awareness or drives conversions.

RTD: Are you seeing great demand from Xaxis clients for personalized ad campaigns?

Bagwell:  We are definitely seeing significant demand for personalized ad campaigns. Programmatic creative across the board is a priority for our clients,

with most of them asking about our capabilities, currently planning campaigns, or already executing them.

 RTD: What role does the Jivox platform play in underpinning Xaxis clients' dynamic display -- and soon dynamic video -- ad campaigns?

Bagwell: Xaxis’ core business is audience targeting.  Ad Labs supports Xaxis’ clients in developing rich creative executions, especially those that are informed by the data in our audience platform.  Tools like Jivox’s multi-screen solution for programmatic creative development enable my team to focus on creative and personalization strategy while the platform handles the complexity of creative decisions, rendering, and reporting.

Among the new platform's capabilities:

  • It enables marketers to dynamically generate different variations of a video using thousands of different image, text, and video combinations to customize certain portions of the video.
  • The IQ platform extends the auto-play video function from social media into the mobile web, allowing campaigns to specify video auto-play on all devices.
  •  Enables dynamic video advertising to be placed natively within a site’s content. That means the video automatically starts playback only when it’s being viewed. Therefore, it’s 100% viewable, according to Jivox.
  • Thousands of versions of personalized video files can be output from the Jivox platform into social media platforms supporting earned or paid social media campaigns.
  • Video ads can dynamically generate hundreds of thousands of messaging, animation, and product gallery combinations that can be overlaid in real-time onto video ads to deliver a personalized user experience.



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