McKinney Mocks North Carolina's Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act With Re-United Faux Boy Band

In the wake to North Carolina's passage of HB2, the bill that said, among other things, public bathroom usage would be dictated by the sex indicated on a person's birth certificate as opposed to a different sexual identity they may have taken, many bands boycotted North Carolina appearances to show solidarity against HB2. Having a bit of fun with this and showing their own distaste for HB2, North Carolina's McKinney has created a faux boy band.

The band, One More Wish, or 1MW, is a boy band from the 90's that broke up years ago and is now, with the help of the band's manager, trying to re-unite to fill all the stadium shows now vacated by the real bands who boycotted. 

Partnering with Adam Elk, John “Scrapper” Sneider, Alex Fulton, Christian Almiron, Darien Shumna and James Beer at Storefront Music, the agency wrote and recorded four songs, all of which are available on the band’s website .

Local actors played band members in the documentary Boycott Band: The Return of One More Wish. The documentary spotlights two things: IMW is a group of morally questionable musicians using the turmoil caused by HB2 to their advantage, and they’re also just not very good. Even (the real) Merge Record’s Laura Balance weighs in.

The band's newly created songs are filled with 1998-era lyrics referencing Rachel hairdos, Y2K and digital pets, which, of course, don’t resonate today because, you know, they had little time to prepare for the canceled HB2 shows and couldn’t produce new, more relevant material. This, of course, causes awkward hilarity to ensue within the documentary which has the band's manager attempting to pry the former band members from their mundane suburban lives and convince them to return to their former glory. 

The purpose of the documentary, and this band as a whole, is that HB2 has been, in the words of McKinney, "a total shit show for North Carolina." And having a band like 1MW reunite only adds insult to injury. All efforts to create the faux documentary were donated to encourage people to vote in new state legislatures and vote out gubernatorial incumbent Pat McCrory in November.


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