'Self' Revamps Site, Focuses On Inclusion

This week, Self.com relaunched its site and refocused its digital strategy.

In a post, Self executive digital director Carolyn Kylstra noted the three “guiding themes” behind the relaunch are “service, inclusivity and community.”

Self.com will feature more fitness, nutrition and wellness content. The site is spreading the message that wellness, health and self-care mean different things to — and look different on — different people.

For example, the relaunch feature, Come As You Are, focuses on the broad meaning behind strength.



“Beyond the obvious—muscles, goals, sweat—it's also gutsy as hell to honor your needs, put yourself first, and insist on your right to be seen and heard. And we're here for all of it,” the intro to the feature reads.

Kylstra told Folio: the redesign of the site is “bright, energetic, welcome and clean-looking.”

"This is something that's been in the works for many months now," Kylstra continued. "The digital landscape is always changing, and we need to serve our audience on any platform that they care about. The Web site wasn’t living up to the expectations that our audience demanded."

Kylstra also announced in the post that Aerie model Iskra Lawrence is now a Self digital contributor.
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