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Learnings From 31,000 Media Mentions And 26,000 Links

  • Moz, Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:39 PM
Link and media mentions can boost a campaign, but most high-authority links don't receive a lot of social shares, according to Kelsey Libert. "Authority" is one of the main signals when it comes to search engine query rankings. She writes that most marketers assume that if they build links on high-authority sites that readers will share the content. In a recent study, even the majority of links on the sites with high domain authority (DA) didn't get social shares. In fact, 52% of links with a DA over 89 received zero shares, 50% of links with a DA over 79 received zero shares, and 54% of links with a DA over 59 received zero shares. Libert explains.

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