Digital Short-Form Video Viewership Remains Strong

Short-form viewing is still a long-time thing. Horowitz Research says 44% of consumers 18 years and older are watching some short-form video daily, and another 76% watch at least weekly.

Most viewing of video content is with music videos (53%); how-to videos (46%); and movie previews (45%); animal videos (42%); cooking videos (40%); comedy skits (33%); TV show clips (32%); and news (31%).

Most short-form video viewing occurs in the evening, with 39% who say they view short-form clips “right before bed” and 43% saying they are viewing it while watching TV. Still, for more than half (57%) of Internet users 18 years and old, short-form content is only viewed at times when long-form (TV viewing, for example) was not viewed. 

Other strong time periods for viewing are during lunch at work/school, 23%; with friends, 19%; after waking up, 18%; at work, 10%; and during commutes, 8%.

Twenty-four percent watch short-form video several times a day; 20% one/two times a day; 17% “most days”; 14% one/two times a week; and 13% less than once a week.

Horowitz's results came from an online survey in June 2016 among 1,476 Internet users 18 years and older.



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