McCormick Shazams For Millennials

McCormick & Co and its agency Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide are partnering with Shazam with Brands for "Pure Flavor, Pure Genius," one of the first consumer product campaigns to employ visual recognition technology at grocery stores. 

Under the project, fans scan McCormick flavor packets with Shazam using their mobile devices to then be taken to a landing page  . The site features menu ideas, such as Creamy Taco Dip and Chili Chicken Wings, as well as coupons. 

The goal is to raise awareness about the spice brand's line of dry recipe mixes among Millennial shoppers. The value of this for McCormick is that the campaign delivers insights that the brand can use to make the in-store program work harder by providing value to consumers beyond the shelf, per the agency.



Known as a music recognition app, Shazam started working with brands in April to offer advertising opportunities, such as image-recognition and virtual reality, aided by data and intelligence.  

The Shazam campaign is supported with TV, targeted digital and mobile advertising, in-store signage and promoted social posts, including instructional 15-second videos on YouTube

Blue Chip Marketing was named McCormick’s North American shopper marketing agency of record in August. The Chicago-based agency has been working with McCormick on various shopper marketing projects since January.

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