Speck Breaks New Ad Campaign

Maker of protective cases Speck is introducing its first ad campaign with its new ad agency Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners (RTO+P). 

The campaign promotes Speck's new line of Presidio smartphone cases by showcasing its durability, slimness, and protection. The "Designed for Impact" campaign includes two illustrative videos that use a 10-foot drop test to demonstrate the protective capabilities of the product line. 

Other ads show a falling phone with a small corner brand logo.   

Point-of-sale ads appear in retail and premium electronic stores including Apple, Best Buy and Walmart, all places where Speck is sold. 

There are two videos that were co-produced by RTO+P and WIRED Media Group Brand Lab that are running on WIRED. In addition, Speck is debuting a number of media partnerships, including a Buzzfeed quiz and an interactive game called “Dropped” in partnership Undertone.  



"Speck has a compelling design and innovation story rooted in quality products that consumers rely on to protect their mobile devices,” said Michael Burdeny, VP marketing, Speck. “We partnered with RTO+P to amplify this message and educate a broader audience on why all cases are not created equal.” 

Speck Products is subsidiary of Samsonite. Company financials report Sales of Speck were $49.6 million in the first six months of 2016, down slightly from the year-ago period.


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