NEW! Farting Unicorn Promotes Squatty Potty's Line Of Toilet Sprays

If you're a fan of "Shark Tank," then you may have seen the Squatty Potty pitched, with Lori Greiner striking a deal with its inventors. The product is a $25 piece of plastic that helps people poop the way nature intended: in a squatting position.

The first ad to promote the product featured a unicorn, rainbow poop and an amusing explanation of how the Squatty Potty works. The brand has entered the toilet spray market -- think Poopouri and its ilk -- and launched a 3:30 video that marks the return of the mythical unicorn with bad gas.

"Slay Your Poo Stink with the Golden Fart of a Mystic Unicorn" aptly describes the video, which describes how bottled unicorn farts can help the rest of us when it's time to make a bathroom deposit.

The video is so outlandish that you can't help but love it. The scene of a unicorn's farts being pulled from its behind is just the kind of mindless distraction the world needs. The Harmon Brothers created both campaigns.



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