Trump Retains Earned Media Edge To End

President-elect Donald Trump maintained a big earned media advantage over Hillary Clinton right through Election Day a week ago.

In the most recent October-month period before the election, Trump was at $559.5 million in media value to Clinton’s $502.2 million. This value derived from broadcast and online news stories, social media, blogs, Twitter, newspapers, and other media platforms, according to mediaQuant, an earned media measurement company.

Trump got $295.7 million in online media news to Clinton’s $274.5 million in the month.

Trump was also at $93.9 million in media value from broadcast TV in October to Clinton’s $84.6 million.

Looking at a 12-month trailing period, Trump posted a $4.96 billion in earned media --- By comparison, Clinton was at $3.24 billion.



Both candidates were well above respective candidates four years ago -- Barack Obama getting $1.15 billion and Mitt Romney, $700 million for the 2012 presidential election.

Going farther back -- July 2015, around the start of both campaigns -- Trump amassed $5.6 billion to Clinton’s $3.5 billion.

Other presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz were next -- with $801 million and $447 million, respectively. Overall, all presidential candidates earned media haul was at $11.3 billion.

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