Mellow Mushroom Launches First National TV Campaign

Pizza chain Mellow Mushroom launched its first national TV campaign, "Clinically Proven," which pokes fun at the countless medical ads seen throughout our favorite shows, especially during football.

In "Cravings," a man suffering from irritability and moodiness is put in a better mood when he visits Mellow Mushroom. "Ask your doctor about Mellow Mushroom. She may want to come with you."

"ED," mocking erectile dysfunction ads, features an older couple in the mood... for pizza. If you hang at a Mellow Mushroom for more than four hours, though, you might want to go home and come back another day.

"Symptoms" lists random maladies, like goosebumps, cooties or sore shoulder, as sufficient reasoning to visit Mellow Mushroom.

BooneOakley, Charlotte created the campaign.



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