NEW! Antoine Griezmann Is Perfect Wingman In Puma Fragrances Campaign

To launch Puma Fragrances BodySprays, L'Oreal created a digital campaign starring French soccer star Antoine Griezmann and his signature post-goal hand gesture.

Griezmann is the perfect wingman for guys who need to step up their game. Whether it's a guy with a mullet haircut, or a man who brings his lady to see a romantic view of a highway, Griezmann makes sure that each date ends on a high note.

Even if that means giving one guy an impromptu haircut in the middle of a movie theater or skywriting a romantic message to save the other, the fottballer will go the extra mile. When he's unavailable, Puma Fragrances are the next best thing.

Buzzman TV created the campaign, directed by Ernest Desumbila.



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