Goodwill, Ad Council Shift Focus To Digital In New Campaign Effort

Goodwill and the Ad Council have launched new PSA’s that encourage donations to Goodwill by showing the direct link between the donation of used clothing and household items to job creation fostered by the charitable organization in local communities. The new digital-first campaign is an extension of the “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs” PSA campaign that launched in September 2013. To date, the campaign has received $100 million in donated media support.

The new ads were created pro bono by WPP’s VML.

A media mix analysis conducted by Millward Brown (also part of WPP) of ads in the campaign that ran between September 2013 and April 2015, showed that the ads helped generate 363 million pounds of donations to Goodwill organizations, half of which can be attributed to digital media. In addition to driving donations, the return on investment of digital was 10 times more than other media types, per the MB analysis.



The Ad Council indicated that given the outsized effect of digital media on campaign donations, the new PSA campaign focuses more on digital, social, and mobile platforms.

“By raising awareness of Goodwill’s mission and the much-needed services local Goodwill organizations provide to assist people in achieving employment, a digital-first campaign will further spread our message that, by donating, you can make a difference in helping someone in your neighborhood,” stated Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International.

VML created both English- and Spanish-language versions of ads for the campaign extension. The creative metaphorically depicts the many jobs that can be found in donated objects. The imagery shows miniature figurines in action, performing a variety of skilled jobs, alongside life-size donated objects that can lead to job training and placement opportunities. All PSAs conclude with the tagline, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” and direct audiences to visit to find their nearest Goodwill donation center.

Goodwill and Ad Council are also partnering with YouTube creators, including Jenn Im, Hayley Williams, Kailee Mann, Ambrosia Malbrough and Symphani Soto, who will serve as ambassadors for the campaign and extend campaign messaging. Each creator will kick off the partnership with a new video on her channel discussing the impact of donating to Goodwill and encourage her followers to donate and become job creators.

In addition to digital and social assets that lead the effort, the campaign will include television, print and outdoor, to be distributed in early 2017.

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