NEW! Upland Brewing Company Promotes Sour Ales With 'Blended Works Of Art'

Upland Brewing Company and its creative AOR Young and Laramore are attempting to shift Sour Ales -- beers made with wild yeast, intensely tart and acidic -- from the niche to the mainstream with a makeover of its product line and new ad campaign. 

"Blended Works Of Art" includes an updated logo, new packaging and advertising featuring illustrations by Minneapolis artist Michael Cina. 

Print and out-of-home advertising will run primarily in bars, liquor stores and trade publications/websites in the two markets currently selling the beer, Indiana and Boston, with potential media buys in additional markets to come in the future. See the print ads here, here, here, here and here.

Started in 2006, the Sour Ales program began as a way for Upland to experiment with a brewing style that is common in Europe, but is far less popular in America. The brewery is now attempting to transition what first began as a passion project into national distribution and popularity



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