David Berkowitz Fires Himself, Takes Job at Sysomos

In a hilarious blog post, former 360i and MRY exec David Berkowitz fired himself from his own consulting company and then took a job as chief strategy officer at social media analytics firm Sysomos. In his blog post, Berkowitz quotes himself and it is, perhaps, the best way we have ever seen someone leave a job and announce a new one.

In the blog post, Berkowitz wrote, "David Berkowitz was, to be totally honest, the worst boss I ever had,” said David Berkowitz, the sole employee of his sole proprietorship. “He would drive me crazy every single day, even on weekends. He wouldn’t leave me alone,” said Berkowitz. “Beyond that, he micromanaged everything with me. What a jerk.”

Need a good laugh. Do yourself a favor and read the entire blog post here.

Berkowitz then penned a post on the Sysomos blog and explained why he decided to join the analytics firm.
He tells the story of a trip to SXSW in 2011 and how everyone was enamored with his new iPad 2 with the magnetic cover. He ran into Expion Founder and CEO Peter Heffring who would go on to head Sysomos and the pair had a long conversation about how international brands balance the control and coordination of their local and global marketing efforts.

Years later, the pair have hooked up again and will now be working together.

On joining Sysomos, Berkowitz wrote, "Today, my contribution here begins. There is so much that I am eager to learn from Sysomos and its team, technology, and customers. I am also eager to collaborate with anyone who sees an opportunity to learn from each other, and then in turn to benefit each other’s organizations and customers. What excites me even more is that my most fulfilling accomplishments at such organizations as eMarketer, iCrossing, 360i, and MRY were ones that I could not have anticipated the day I joined. Most of what’s ahead is invisible, but I sense that much of it will prove to be important.



Thank you, Peter and the team at Sysomos for having me among your esteemed ranks – a half-decade after a chance encounter."

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