Sharethrough Partners With Kantar Millward Brown On Native Ad Research Tools

Native supply-side platform (SSP) Sharethrough on Wednesday announced a partnership with Kantar Millward Brown to develop research tools to enable brand marketers to better analyze the impact of their native ad campaigns, particularly on mobile.

The tools offer a new survey framework created by Kantar Millward Brown’s Media and Digital practice that will allow Sharethrough clients to ask more questions than previously was the case when evaluating brand lift and the effectiveness of mobile native advertising. It will also help them tap into larger audiences and achieve more advanced audience segmentation.

Because native ads are comprised of dynamic components vs. static images and are read, even if they're not clicked on, they’re ripe for real-time creative optimization. Millward Brown’s audience panel consists of millions of U.S. consumers who can respond in real time.

“Consumers read native headlines, even if they don’t click on them, and brands need to be able to able to study the influence of their native ad copy decisions quickly and make adjustments to them while campaigns are running,” Dan Greenberg, founder and CEO, told Real-Time Daily via email. “By partnering with Millward Brown, we’re able to take advantage of its extensive audience panels and real-time survey methodology to assess the true brand impact of native ads. Native ads are made up of dynamic, changeable parts, and brands should be able to optimize creative while it still matters, instead of waiting for next year’s campaign.”



In a blog post about the new tools, Greenberg wrote: "Traditional brand survey methods have historically fallen short for brands trying to assess the real influence of their native ads and use those insights to impact live campaigns. We now exists in an 'on demand' era and marketing research is no exception."

Schick and Skintimate beta-tested the new tools. Ford Motor Co. is the first brand that’s contracted to use the research tools in a general release, according to Sharethrough.






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