You Knew An Agency Was Going to Do A #MannequinChallenge Holiday Card, Right?

So today I was going to do a round-up of agency cards, you know, to highlight the creative freedom such a moment offers an agency which, all year long, is usually encumbered by pesky little things like creative briefs and client approval processes. But, no, I'm feeling a bit grinchy today, so I'm going in a different direction. Let's highlight the lamest holiday card originating from an agency. Yeah, that's much more fun.

I'm looking at you, DiGennaro.

But first at least let's make note that some agencies at least tried to be a little inventive or original. Arnold leveraged IBM Watson to power SMS-fueled, artificial intelligence-enhanced, programmatic videos of Santa delivering holiday wishes to passersby in Boston. Sister agency Havas used the same IBM Watson tech to create customized Spotify playlists based on Facebook data.

London-based Soul employed Brussels sprouts to power Christmas carols. Yeah, I know, it's weird. Check it out.
ABC Creative Group re-branded Santa with a cheesy video documentary. DiMassimo Goldstein created a collection of politically-themed Bipartisan Holiday Cards designed to help everyone calm down after that contentious election cycle, stop unfriending each other and realize that despite your political proclivities and how you voted, life will go on and friends will always be friends.

So what did Digennaro contribute during this annual celebration of agency ingenuity and creative freedom? They latched on to the little trend that really, really wanted to become a big trend and made a
#MannequinChallenge holiday video. What goes on in this video? Absolutely nothing. No twist. No insightful
messaging. Just a bunch of agency types frozen in place in holiday-themed poses.

Now we all know that most everything that comes out of an agency is a bastardized version of someone else's creativity but, really, Digennaro, this was your time to shine! Not copy the dude who invented the thing.




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