Women Rule Super Bowl LI Party Kickoffs

For super fans, it won't be enough to just watch the biggest game in football, Super Bowl LI. Many will spend weeks prior to the game searching for recipes, content and ideas to make their Super Bowl party memorable, and will even engage on social media to get ideas. The majority of those Super Bowl fans responding to a survey from social media agency Influence Central were women.

Nearly half of consumers surveyed said they begin planning their party weeks in advance, with 36% admitting they will kick off plans once they know the names of the two teams that will play in the game, according to data released Wednesday from Influence Central, which in late 2016 surveyed more than 450 U.S. consumers over the age of 21 to identify consumer trends around the Super Bowl. Ninety-five percent of respondents were women of which 92% have kids.  

The results reveal that women are influencers in this game. While most of the survey respondents said they will make a run to the local grocery store to get supplies, 2% plan to use a grocery delivery service like PeaPod and 1% plan to use Amazon or Google Express.



Some 68% search on Pinterest to find entertainment inspiration for game-day parties, followed by 26% on Facebook. About a quarter of party planners get their inspiration from friends and family, 17% from Instagram; 17%, past parties; 12% cookbooks; 9% newspapers and magazines; 6%, coupons; 3%, Twitter; 2%, YouTube; and 0.2%, Snapchat.

About 78% of those watching the game will turn to social media during the game. Some 38% said they share their thoughts about advertisements during the game on social media, while 18% share photos of game-day parties, 10% see what their network is doing and 2% share strategies about the game.

Landing pages and paid-search advertisements have become an important part of a brand's Super Bowl strategy, even when not officially sponsoring of the event. The cross-channel paid-search strategy that connects to television ads is nothing new, but search interest in teams and players continues to grow.

How much will consumers spend on Super Bowl parties? Some 46% plan to spend between $100 and $249; 35%, from $50 to $99; 13%, from $20 to $349; 4%, from $350 to $500; 1%, between $501 and $749; and the remainder up to $1,000, according to the data.

Fans will search for recipes to make hamburgers, chili, and creative cocktails and beer concoctions, along with deals on party favors and paper and plastic goods like napkins, plates and utensils. They will search for deals on chips and dips, hot dog and hamburger buns, and readymade salads.

When asked what party planners will serve on the big day, 82% said they will have hors d'oeuvres, chips and dip; 49%, burgers, hot dogs and pulled pork; 27% will serve up subs and sandwiches; and 11% will take a healthier approach with salads and fruit platters.

Beverages play a big role in party planning, although 48% of the hosts said they plan to serve primarily soft drinks or sparkling water and cider. Some 46% will have a variety of beer. 

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