Campaign Monitor Introduces Template Management For Teams

Campaign Monitor unveiled a new product feature this week that adds a collaborative feature to the email marketing platform that enables multiple people to work on the same template while also maintaining brand consistency.

Email marketing is not always a one-person job, and many marketing teams have separate professionals managing email design and email content. Previously, every email template available on Campaign Monitor could be edited by anyone who interacted with the template in any way. This could obviously prove fraught for brands looking for consistency as a single misplaces click or typo could change the final email sent to subscribers. 

Campaign Monitor’s new feature, Template Management For Teams, adds the ability for email marketers and designers to lock specific sections of an email template before saving it in their library to safeguard the template from erroneous edits and maintain brand consistency. 

Designers can build a template in the drag-and-drop builder, choosing from a variety of permission settings for each section. It ensures basic brand guidelines like fonts and colors to entire content sections are not altered, wrote Cecilia Waters, product manager at Campaign Monitor, in a blog post. Users can lock sections of the campaign and give privileges and permissions to specific jobs.

The locking and editing feature also extends to the header and footer sections of an email, areas of particular importance for companies that need to include a privacy policy or legalese. Including a valid physical mail address in an email marketing message, most often found in the footer section, is also a legal requirement per the United States’ CAN-SPAM Act.  

Campaign Monitor asserts that the collaborative feature was consistently a top request from its customer base. Campaign Monitor works with more than 2,000,000 email marketers from 200,000 companies and organizations, including BuzzFeed, Disney and Showtime.

The new feature is currently only available in Campaign Monitor's Premier plan.


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