Strongest Out-Of-Home Media Since 2007

According to the PQ Media just-released Global Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2017, consumer time spent with all forms of out-of-home (OOH) media grew for the third consecutive year at a solid 1.5% rate, driven by a rebound in cinema advertising and continued strength in the healthcare and transit verticals, outpacing the growth of other ad media to reach 66 minutes on average per week.  Global OOH advertising revenues, including all traditional, digital and ambient media platforms says the report, grew an estimated 6.2% to $49.23 billion in 2016, the fastest rate in 9 years.

Patrick Quinn, PQ Media President & CEO, says: “…with consumers increasingly accessing media outside their homes…and the rise of ad-skipping and ad-blocking technologies…brands are… turning to OOH media to engage target consumers at opportune moments near the point of decision…”

Top 10 Markets by OOH Advertising Revenues (2015-16; PQ Media)


OOH Revenue


United States






United Kingdom








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Source: PQ Media, January 2017

PQ Media defines OOH by two broad media platforms – digital out-of-home (DOOH) and traditional & ambient OOH. DOOH includes two channels:

  • Digital place-based networks, screens that combine content and ads in venues like doctor's office, elevators and gas pumps;
  • Digital billboards & signage, signage that changes ad messages at predetermined intervals, like roadside billboards on a 30-second loop.

And traditional OOH includes:

  • Static billboards, street furniture and transit posters
  • Ambient OOH media, including ads placed on objects, non-traditional vehicles, and in unique locations

The United States is the largest market in all aspects of the Out-Of-Home industry, says the report, including total revenues, DOOH ad spend, and traditional & ambient media investments. Total US operator revenues reached almost $9 billion in 2015, with China and Japan both exceeding $7 billion. Australia was the market leader in overall and DOOH ad revenue growth, rising more than 15% in total revenues in 2015, according to the Global Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2017.

PQ Media expects DOOH growth to track more closely with even-year growth spikes in TV advertising during the 2017-20 period, with emerging trends in programmatic buying, day-parting and mobile tech integration. Trends among DPNs indicate a converse trajectory of higher growth in odd years. Global OOH ad revenues are projected to grow 6.2% again in 2017.

To download a free Executive Summary & Sample Data sets from the new PQ Global OOH Media Forecast 2017, please visit here: PQ Media Executive Summary. A more detailed PQ Media Press Release is available here.


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