NEW! Ryan Lochte Gets Clean Start With PowerBar

Ryan Lochte wants a clean start, and PowerBar is giving it to him. The brand launched its "Clean Start" campaign, promoting its new Clean Whey line of products.

Lochte pokes fun at himself for the majority of the 60-second online video. He would like to erase portions of his past, like that ridiculous hair color at the Olympics, along with his additional dramatics in Rio.

Enter Powerbar's new Clean Whey bar, sans artificial sweeteners. Lochte visits people mid-gym workout and asks how they'll start clean in 2017. People will run faster, bike farther, and Lochte will focus on "pool sports."

The spot ends with a dig at Lochte's intelligence, when he pushes on a pull door.

Visitors to can sign up to receive one free Clean Whey Protein Bar and take a pledge to start 2017 off on a positive note. Let's hope Washington devours them.

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners created the campaign.



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