Skittles Returns To Super Bowl With Teen Love And Update To Throwing Rocks At Windows

Didn't this teen realize the Skittles he was throwing weren't hitting glass? Skittles created "Romance" for its big game ad, running in the first quarter.

Created by adam&eveDDB, this marks only the third time the brand has advertised during the Super Bowl. Following a lengthy hiatus, Skittles returned last year with "Portrait," starring Steven Tyler and a singing self-portrait made of Skittles.

This year's spot features a romantic teen vying for the attention of his crush. He stands outside her bedroom window, yelling her name and throwing Skittles. One flaw: the candies aren't hitting the window. Inside the bedroom, with the window open, Katie is catching the Skittles in her mouth. She then slides from view, so her mom, dad, grandma, burglar, police officer and beaver can score a treat.



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