AppNexus, Index Exchange Expand Header Partnership: Include Server-to-Server Integration

Two ad-tech giants, AppNexus and Index Exchange, on Monday announced an expansion of their header bidding partnership to include support for server-to-server integrations. Both AppNexus and Index Exchange will work as partners in each other’s server-side solutions.

In May of 2016, AppNexus and Index Exchange agreed to support each other’s header-based wrapper.

AppNexus said it believes that publishers should have unbiased and transparent access to every exchange, not just the one that comes with their ad servers. Like traditional header bidding, server-to-server integrations run a unified auction in which supply-side platforms serve as demand sources and bid on a publisher’s inventory. The technology, however, is more similar to real-time bidding. The auction takes place in the technology provider’s server vs. the publisher’s header.

The server-to-server solution works best in a hybrid capacity with a traditional header bidding wrapper. The combination of the two capabilities offers publishers the flexibility to optimize cookie matching with their header partners and increase bid density through their server partners.



“Server-to-server connections depend on strong infrastructure and transparent reporting practices. Our solution will allow for full transparency into auction dynamics so media companies can decide which partners perform best client-side or server-side and whether mediation is the best fit for them,” stated Drew Bradstock, SVP product, Index Exchange.



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