Ads Optimized By Google AMP Load Six Times Faster

Google made two ad partner announcements -- with TripleLift and Cloudflare -- on Monday related to its Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) advertising format. The goal is to make ads and content load faster, so consumers don't abandon Web pages. TripleLift and Cloudflare shared their experience using AMP in a blog post.

Native advertising platform TripleLift now serves Google AMP Ads for publishers and advertisers using its services. Time, its first publisher partner testing AMP Ads, experienced a higher viewable rate of 13% from standard ads running on AMP-optimized pages. "We’ve also seen corresponding improvements in CTRs and eCPMs," Time's VP of digital revenue strategy and operations, Kavata Mbondo, wrote in a post.

TripleLift claims that running Google AMP increases the ad-loading speed time sixfold and that these ads are three times lighter than comparable standard ads.

Security company Cloudflare has seen similar results, but approaches the optimization technology in a different way. The company launched an AMP ad verification and optimization service, Firebolt, that improves the ad experience for third-party ad networks or publishers through Cloudflare's AMP cache to deliver faster, safer, and more efficient ads, per the company.

The service prevents the spread of malvertising by automatically enabling browser security features and cryptographically signing all ads to reduce malware and other threats. AMP makes it run faster, per the company.

Cloudflare is the first "non-Google provider that can deliver signed A4A ads, extending the performance benefits of AMP while giving control to publishers," which the company announced Monday at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

Firebolt loads ads five times faster and provides 13% more revenue for publishers due to the size and scale of Cloudflare’s network, which sees over 10% of all Internet traffic requests.

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