Rubicon Project, Integral Ad Science Offer Third-Party Viewability Scores For Video

Rubicon Project and Integral Ad Science (IAS) on Monday announced a partnership to provide advertisers with third-party viewability scores on video advertising. The scoring occurs on an individual ad placement level, and is offered as part of auction bid requests.

The viewability offering leverages IAS’s Media Rating Council-accredited viewability solution, the new OpenRTD 2.5 metric, and Rubicon Project’s global premium publisher catalog.

“Armed with placement-level predictive viewability scores, media buyers in the Rubicon Project marketplace can make better informed pricing decisions, establish accurate performance measurements, and execute increasingly sophisticated strategies,” stated David Marquard, VP, product management, Integral Ad Science.

“Placement-level viewability data is also crucial to publishers, enabling them to evaluate and optimize their inventory at the atomic level... and ultimately maximizing long-term yield,” stated Tom Kershaw, chief product and engineering officer at Rubicon Project.

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