BBDO Study Offers Clues For Optimizing The Impact Of Video

In a bid to optimize the use of video feeds for clients, BBDO New York did a study of more than 4,500 video assets produced by the agency over the course of the past year.

Among the key findings: Just how compelling the first few seconds of a clip are (or aren’t) often mean the difference between a viewer skipping the video or watching it all the way through.

When optimizing for social feeds, the study found, specific creative elements can be tweaked to significantly increase view through rate and impact. These tweaks range from using title cards and supers when no sound is involved to using a compelling opening frame, cropping for vertical formats and creating personal relevancy with the viewer.

The agency also concluded that long-form video and new uses of tech are great ways to make an impact in popular culture. Longer lengths provide brands with a canvas for telling emotional stories and have the potential to “wow” consumers. 

The study notes that the top 10 YouTube ads of the past year were more than two-minutes long. 

Additionally, finding ways to “hack” new technology to do something truly innovative is a great way to build brand buzz.

Brands also need different approaches for different Snapchat lenses. Appropriate tactical use of face manipulation, voice alteration and other techniques often make the difference between successful and less successful executions, the study found.

“The proliferation of video outlets has created an even more cluttered environment for marketers to reach their desired consumers,” said Nicole Landesman, senior communications planner at BBDO New York and author of the new report.  She said it was “imperative to continuously look for ways to learn and improve our video offerings.”

The full study can be accessed here.


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