Valentine's Day Shocker About Netflix Cheaters

You're slime! Verifiable slime.

Netflix itself is reporting that 46% of "streaming couples" admit they have "cheated'  by watching a Netflix show they promised to watch with their mate. Six of out of 10 cheaters would do it more if they knew they could get away with it. 

I am supposed to be full of pretend outrage about these stats. I confess. I don't care. It is your life, people. You have to live with yourself and sadly, someone else. 

I do find it odd that this news comes from Netflix. Though the Survey Monkey "research" is no doubt designed to hit near Valentine' Day just for the kinda romantic/kinda sad nature of it, it seems peculiar that Netflix also notes there is a real social cost.

--18% report they've gotten into verbal arguments about Netflix cheating, and; 
--14% think video cheating is actually worse than having an affair. These folks, no doubt, are Francis Underwood wannabes.

But knowing that, Netflix could help by devising easier ways to watch without leaving a trace. It is possible to clean up after yourself, as a somewhat too-knowledgeable Cnet story explains. But Netflix itself could offer workarounds, or make that play-arounds, to make the deception easier.



I mean, it's just a movie or a TV show.

This is the kind of cheating that could give cheating a good name.

Small things can throw people into a murderous rage.  But "Stranger Things"? (It's the second-most-popular cheaters' temptation) behind "Narcos" and in front of "Orange Is The New Black," "House of Cards" and "Black Mirror." 

Some other disturbing facts about the person you have probably at some point called your "soulmate":

--59% of the cheaters are men; 41% are women, 56% are married and 20% are dating;
--25% doing their cheating after the partner has fallen asleep and 19% when their partner is out of town;
--30% have cheated four or more times;
--29% will confess; 30% have apologized; 45% never admitted it. 
--54% never did it. (Oh, but I bet they think about it.)

Finally, assuming you lie or really haven't ever Netflix cheated, this survey also says a remarkable 36% believe that not cheating on Netflix is better than a gift. That's a little fact to throw out to your lover, just to see the reaction from your partner.

But if you didn't buy a gift, it's a good chance you may be watching Netflix alone tonight.

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