NEW! 'The Call That Comes After' Looks At Consequences Of Driving When High

Drug Free Kids Canada wants to make having the talk about driving while high as painless as possible with "The Call That Comes After," a unique campaign that lets parents target their teens via the most important thing in their lives: their smartphones.

Created by FCB/SIX, the campaign has mobile elements, online components and real-time targeting to make the overall message that more effective.

Parents visit to create a custom video for their teen. The site asks for the teen's name, phone number and the name stored for mom or dad on their phones.

The teen receives a video that shows a group of regular teens that decide to drive after smoking marijuana. A horrible crash takes place and a shattered phone features a series of worried texts from a parent asking where they are and if they are okay.



Here's the ingenious part of the campaign: When the text messages begin appearing in the video, the teenager who is watching the video starts receiving the SAME texts on THEIR phone via five technology platforms: IBM's Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, SMS, YouTube and an on-demand video rendering engine.

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