TV-Print Boost Marketing To Combat Trump Lies

News media continues to fight back on the ad/marketing front.

After much on air promotion from TV and radio news organizations, print-based newspapers are working up their efforts in a big way.

The New York Times, for example, is airing its first Oscars TV commercial. According to media industry estimates is costing Oscars advertisers around $2.1 million or so for a spot on ABC this year.

The main theme for the NYT is around “truth.” The adshows some simple graphic statements on a white background -- kind of like the newspaper itself -- with a background of growing arguing voices.

Statements include: “The truth is alternative facts are lies”; “The truth is media dishonest”; and “The truth is women’s rights are human rights” — then a blizzard of other variations on a theme. Then it reveals the real key message The New York Times wants to impart: “The truth is hard to find... to know... is more important than ever.”



Why now -- and why in a big way? President Trump has made media a big issue. His most recent anti-democratic screed is to call the media “the enemy of the American People.”

We see where this is going. TV networks are already altering their message -- talking up the value of independent journalism. Since the first of the year, CNN has placed $2.46 million in on-air advertising for its own promotion, according to

It perhaps moves to another level after this weekend, when the Academy Awards are being held. At a big conservative convention on Thursday, Steve Bannon, Trump Administration chief strategist, says the media relationship will is “going to get worse every day.”

Bannon also added at the event: “The corporatist, globalist media” and has been "always wrong" about the administration.  That means 100%, no? 

If Bannon can get us accurate data about the “always” stuff, I’m sure the media will be keen to listen. Meantime, we are waiting for other facts -- like evidence of illegal voting in the “millions,” terrorist attacks not being reported, and  the U.S. murder rate being its highest in 47 years.

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  1. Tom Tyler from GCTVTexas, March 1, 2017 at 10:47 a.m.

    Since when has the current crop of "news" media at the NYT, the WashPost or ABCBNBCNNPR been interested in evidence or facts? They are far more interested in spinning and fabricating based on cherry-picked factoids.
    And particulalrly where Trump is concerned, they are far more interested in spewing Politically Correct Hate Speech across or TV screens and front pages.

    Trump is right, the "news" media is a disgrace.

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