NEW! Camions of Care Rebrands As Period To Lead Menstrual Movement

Menstrual hygiene advocacy nonprofit Camions of Care has rebranded as PERIOD and launched a new website that educates and informs visitors about the company's objectives and menstrual issues.

Founded in 2014, by then 16-year old high school student Nadya Okamoto, the organization supports the menstrual needs of at-risk and sheltered women throughout the U.S.

The organization has expanded its cause movement to now include the repeal of the sales tax that 37 states place on menstrual hygiene products, and a national expansion of its campus chapter network.

Created by Swift, the website maintains that menstrual hygiene is a right for all, not a privilege for some. Women shouldn't have to choose between buying food or tampons. The company donates menstrual products to homeless shelters nationwide. For information on ways to donate, check out the revamped website.



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