Movable Ink Launches Loyalty Solution

Movable Ink launched a suite of data-driven applications this week to help email marketers engage with their loyalty reward members.

The Movable Ink Loyalty Solution is a collection of technology assets that deliver dynamic, data-driven content in real-time to members of a brand’s loyalty program.

Incentives related to loyalty programs outperform all other promotional emails, according to a recent study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing. Loyalty-related emails generated the highest opens, clicks, and click-to-open rates when compared to five alternative email-based promotions.

The Loyalty Solution includes a suite of Movable Ink applications, including API integration, mobile app deep linking, Web cropping, image personalization, and a creative optimizer to test designs and boost email engagement.

The ESP agnostic solution ingests information from a brand’s loyalty APIs and other data sources to power personalized communications that include loyalty program updates, such as available points and loyalty-based promotional offers. In addition, Movable Ink’s Client Experience team provides strategic consulting on best practices and creative development. 

Movable Ink claims it can ingest a brand’s loyalty data in 3-5 business days, so marketers can begin sending dynamic campaigns quickly to loyalty program members. 

Some Movable Ink clients, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, have layered the Loyalty Solution with other data sources, such as weather information and geolocation targeting, to create even more personalized email offers.

Dunkin’ Donuts leveraged Movable Ink to deliver a “year in review” email campaign to its DD Perks Loyalty Program members that included personalized data for each subscriber, including their name, stores visited, favorite beverage, and points earned.

“The DD Perks Year in Review email campaign provided an opportunity to share customer behavior, and to thank and celebrate our Perks members in a fun and engaging way,” states John Schue, associate manager of digital marketing and innovation at Dunkin’ Brands. “Not only did we see strong engagement with our DD Perks members, but the conversation also continued organically on social as a result of the email campaign, and ultimately drove positive discussion around our DD Perks Rewards Program.”

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