BrandMaker Launches Customer Engagement Cloud

BrandMaker has launched its new Customer Engagement Cloud, a software platform designed to increase the marketing prowess of B2B professionals. 

BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud aims to help B2B marketers communicate with prospects and close business deals with more personalized content. The platform is designed to help marketers personalize marketing messages based on a consumer’s stage in the customer lifecycle and their preferred channels of communication.

Marketing analytics and personalization can be powerful catalysts for generating a higher return on investment in email marketing. More than 90% of email marketers polled by VB Insight asserted they witnessed increases in opens and click-through rates after incorporating personalization into their campaigns.

More than 60% of 500 B2B marketers surveyed by Regalix asserted sales increased between 11% and 50% thanks to the help of marketing analytics and more powerful personalization. Eight percent of marketers saw their sales increase by more than 50%, a substantial revenue-generating benefit to marketing analytics.

BrandMaker helps marketers create more personalized customer experiences by evaluating how a prospect reacts to marketing content, and then utilizing this information to recommend additional material that customers are most likely to engage with. BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud aligns customer stages with content type and incorporates a prospect’s favorite channel of communication to create stimulating marketing content.

BrandMaker customers can specify a type of customer persona, and then the platform automatically builds out personalized content that matches the individual subscriber at each stage of the sale cycle.

Marketers can also curate personalized lead reports with detailed prospect information via the Customer Engagement Cloud. Available metrics include how a prospect reacted to marketing, how long they engaged with the content, and if they shared the information with anyone.

The new platform extends the company’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) technology, serving as a bridge between marketing and sales teams and streamlining communication. BrandMaker is well-known for its Marketing Efficiency Cloud, a scalable end-to-end marketing operations platform for medium- to large-sized organizations. The Marketing Efficiency Cloud has a suite of modules, such as a Marketing Planner and Reporting Center, that marketers can leverage to optimize their marketing efficiency.


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