Programmatic Creative Agency Launches, Bills Itself As 'Bulk Store of Creative'

There's a new programmatic player in town and according to its own website it's "like the bulk store of creative service helping brands harness the power of programmatic ads. Yes, bulk creative! That sounds, so, well, totally uncreative. The site goes on to talk about using "creative assets to make thousands of unique ads programmatically micro-targeted to your audience." 

The just-launched Porus Creative promises to help brands refine current efforts or break into the programmatic space by coming up with new assets or leveraging already existing creative assets. The agency will also turn non-dynamic content into dynamic, programmatic ad-server-ready individualized video or banners.

On the plus side, Porus says it can help ad agencies by doing the heavy lifting when it comes to developing large-scale creative assets such as unique messaging, footage, or audio recordings in bulk. Which, they say, will help agencies eliminate costly freelancers and not overburden internal resources. 

Basically, they sound like a bot for agencies to enlist when they want thousands of different versions of creative to work within their thousands of varied programmatic buy variables so as to deliver the most precisely customized piece of creative possible. 

In 20 years, all creative will be developed by robots anyway so it seems Porus is on the right path.






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