Movable Ink Introduces Real-Time Pricing Solution

Contextual email marketing company Movable Ink released Real-Time Pricing on Thursday, a new marketing feature that ensures consistency between pricing and inventory in email marketing messages. 

Based in New York City, Movable Ink is a dynamic email marketing service that helps its customers create engaging and interactive email campaigns. Marketers and designers can insert Movable Ink content modules into their email templates that then populate the moment the email is opened by the subscriber, making the messages and data more timely and relevant.

Interactive email campaigns increase customer engagement when compared to traditional email messages, according to a recent study by Experian Marketing Services. Interactive emails, on average, experienced a 18.3% surge in unique clicks and a 10% increase in click-to-open rates in Experian’s Q4 2016 Email Benchmark Report.



Movable Ink’s interactive capabilities range from countdown clocks to interactive maps with traffic and weather information, but now the company has extended its platform to integrate real-time pricing and inventory into messages.  

Previously, pricing and inventory in email marketing messages took some guesswork and large-scale organization. Incorrect pricing, or promoting a product that is no longer in stock, could easily irritate customers and lead to increases in unsubscribes.

Now, marketers can provide the most up-to-date inventory and pricing information at the moment the customer opens or reopens an email. Movable Ink can pull real-time pricing and inventory information into email campaigns via an API or JSON feed.

Movable Ink views this announcement as particularly helpful for retail, travel and event-based industries, as the company can pull in prices and availability for flights, hotel rooms, retail products and event tickets. Additional product features include real-time TripAdvisor ratings, flight status information, and geo-targeted events based on a customer’s ZIP code.

The Real-Time Pricing Solution is ESP-agnostic and can be integrated into the majority of marketing and email stacks. 

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