NEW! Samsung Italy Campaign Allows Teen To Talk To His Future Self

If you could speak to your future self, what would you say? Better still, what would your older self say to present-day self?

Samsung Italy created "The Impossible Talk," allowing a teen boy to speak to his future self. Kind of. In Europe, 60% of students don't attend college after high school. Chalk it up to financial reasons or going to work for the family business, despite having different aspirations.

Samsung has educational projects in more than 20 countries to give teens an added push to follow their dreams and attend college.

The 3-minute video introduces viewers to Michael, who's 19 and planning on working with his father in the family business, despite his dreams of becoming a doctor. Michael is prompted to watch a video of an older doctor describing his 40-year career and his most memorable patient, a young boy who smiled for the first time after a successful operation.



The doctor also describes the challenges leading up to becoming an MD -- the studying, specialty training -- and how he would do it all over again just to see his young patient smile.

Here's the kicker: the doctor then walks through the door, and introduces himself as Dr. Michael Sanders, the adult version of this kid. "I'm the one you could be," says fake adult Dr. Sanders.

"Dreams only become a reality when you start believing in yourself," closes the video, by Leo Burnett Italy.

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