In Branding As In Life, Little Things Add Up

Freight Handlers, Inc (FHI) is unveiling its new branding and identity platform by delivering a small, hardbound promotional book to the supply chain specialist's key customers.

Developed with agency The Republik, the “The Little Book of Big Ideas” provides 41 pithy general business ideas drawn from the company’s own practices. Tips include “business is the art of knowing... what makes your customers tick,” and “You remember getting popped in the nose... Mistakes are progress.”

The book is part of a collection of promotional materials themed around “Little,” (as in little things make a difference) and the company’s corporate yellow branding color. An upcoming direct-mail piece will feature a huge headline delivered via a tiny scroll. And ideas from the “Little Book of Big Ideas” will be promoted, one idea at a time, on Twitter.



None are directly related to freight distribution, nor is FHIeven mentioned, except for its logo, which appears on the cover and on the intro page only.

"FHI's distinguishing quality is their incredible attention to detail — so we made that a part of their identity," says Robert Shaw West, commander in chief, The Republik. "The overall idea is that "little things add up to something big."

Adds Dwayne Frye, the agency’s strategic director, the new effort is designed to “demonstrate thought leadership in a category that typically views cheap warehouse labor as a commodity."

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  1. Robert Wheatley from Emergent -- The Healthy Living Agency, May 12, 2017 at 8:53 a.m.

    This is big thinking. And a tribute to the agency and management team at FHI to have the vision for this form of engaging communication. We've entered the era of help over hype, of deeper meaning over marketing hyperbole. Now the opportunity resides in how this material is used and manifested in other ways through content and behavior. Applause!!!

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