Google IoT Core Service Manages Data, Devices

Google on Tuesday launched an Internet of Things management service that it calls Google Cloud IoT Core to provide companies with a way to manage Internet-connected devices and process data being generated by those devices.

While the new offering pits Google directly against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, the goal is to provide companies with "operational insights" to help business react to, and optimize for, change in real-time, a promise of the benefits from Internet-connected devices.

For example, a retailer could collect point of sale and foot-traffic data from its stores and combine it with trucking data, as well as information like weather and demand to reroute inventory at a moment's notice.

The service lets companies automatically connect up to millions of devices into one system. It also offers integratin with analytics services to ingest and analyze data from the devices.

Google launches Cloud IoT Core in private beta with launch partners Actions Semiconductor, Allwinner Technology, ARM, Marvell, Microchip, Intel, Mongoose OS, NXP, Realtek, Sierra Wireless, SOTEC.

Most of these companies have a background in electronics and a strong relationship with manufacturers of hardware and automobiles such as Apple and Microsoft, as well as Honda and BMW. 

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