Sigstr Launches ABM Functionality

Sigstr, a company that personalizes email signatures dynamically, announced a new account-based marketing (ABM) tool this week.

Based in Indianapolis, Sigstr is a cloud-based platform that transforms email signatures into dynamic and clickable banner ads. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) company taps into employee email communication as an additional promotional opportunity for marketers.

Sigstr recently worked with the Indiana Pacers to help the NBA team promote their sponsors via employee communication. 

Sigstr’s new ABM service, Sigstr Campaigns, allows users to assign specialized email signatures to individual recipients associated with ABM campaigns. Sigst aims to increase engagement with the personalized ads, which can be targeted by account, industry or region.



The Sigstr platform automatically populates email signatures with dynamic and clickable content when users send email to recipients associated with any targeted accounts.

"For our ABM strategy, we work closely with sales to identify the accounts to target and then use personalized, timed communications to engage those contacts across multiple channels, including email, social, and retargeting," says Michelle Huff, CMO at Act-On Software, a Sigstr customer. "And now with Sigstr's new ABM functionality we can include employee email into the marketing mix and deliver even more personalized engagements at scale."

Sigstr Campaigns is available through Sigstr’s Target Plan, which also includes recipient-level reporting and analytics. 

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