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Glidden Attempts To Uncomplicate Painting

PPG is launching a campaign for its Glidden brand that reminds consumers that it’s okay to lower the stakes on Pinterest-perfect projects.

Themed “Real is How We Roll,” the creative aims to take home painting back to the basics. 

Created by DigitasLBi Chicago, Glidden’s AOR since August 2016, the campaign promotes the Glidden brand as the “anti-paint paint brand.” Building on the Glidden brand’s “it’s just paint” attitude, the campaign features relatable scenarios and offers a perspective on situations that could potentially create stress for painters, to provide guidance that will ring true among DIYers and professionals alike.

The campaign is aimed at DIYers who value learning and take pride in doing, said Dave Marecic, marketing manager for the Glidden paint brand of PPG. 

The campaign’s colorful messaging will spread across media including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, with all communications relating back to one core theme: the Glidden brand offers premium paint without the premium, he says.

“The Glidden brand’s new voice is candid and clear when it comes to providing painting instructions to consumers that want to take on painting projects of their own,” Marecic tells Marketing Daily. “The Glidden brand will remind consumers that painting doesn’t have to be so stressful. The campaign’s messages are spread all over social media, and contain relatable scenarios as well as a candid perspective on situations that could potentially create stress for painters.”

This digital-first campaign includes online video, social, digital audio and content partnerships aimed at increasing awareness of Glidden as a brand that lowers the stakes around paint and painting, he said. Online video humorously points out real moments in the painting process. The #FailFix content series acknowledges that mistakes happen, and they’re fixable. 

The spots include "This is Painting,"  “Paint Princess,” “Washability to the Rescue” and “Paint Goes On Smoothly."

“Social channels connect through honest conversations and shared experiences, giving the brand a personality that’s frank and approachable – while also providing true utility when it comes to paint projects,” Marecic says. “Geo-targeted banner ads featuring top selling colors in the area will be served to consumers in the real estate market – making it easier than ever to pick a paint color that sells.”

The campaign will specifically resonate with inexperienced DIY-ers who are proud yet pragmatic in their approach to DIY. 

“In our focus groups, the real imagery and real talk resonated with people who know what painting actually looks like,” he says. “People are pushing back on perfection because the real story is more interesting.”

Creative uses a humorous yet candid approach across all product and brand messaging, to get as realistic as possible when it comes to painting and offer simple instructions on how to use the paint product.

“We felt that it was important for the campaign to break now to reach our DIY consumers during the spring paint season,” Marecic says. “It’s been a few years since Glidden has had a new campaign, so we are excited to connect with our consumers."

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