Addressable Video Platform one2one Helps Market On-Demand Movies

New media video addressable ad-tech company one2one Media is courting movie studios seeking consumers who are highly likely to watch movies on-demand.

“Movie studios have come to expect data-driven reporting and real-time analytics that best demonstrate how to optimize in-home campaigns,” said Karen Abram, SVP of entertainment for one2one, in a release.

The platform’s advanced advertising capabilities include household-specific “propensity” testing and purchase behavior, based on more than 20 different variables.

In addition, one2one Media will integrated movie genre, seasonality and film rating data -- as well as a film’s estimated revenue goals. This last factor will look at expected revenue from existing renters as well as potential revenue from first-time renters.  

The company uses automation tools from Cadent Technology to increase efficiencies and enhance insights.

In April, Cross MediaWorks, an advanced advertising company, launched one2one Media, which provides addressable video business for media agencies and advertisers working with cable, satellite and telco pay TV companies.

Former GroupM executive and veteran addressable video executive Michael Bologna is the company’s president; Jamie Power is one2one’s COO.



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