IAS Expands Partnership With Facebook, Adds Video Metrics

Seeking to address concerns about transparency, viewability, and third-party measurement, Integral Ad Science (IAS) on Wednesday said it expanded a partnership it formed with Facebook in 2016 to enable marketers and agencies to access more measurement and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network. 

IAS also added video measurement to existing capabilities.

IAS began offering video and display viewability as well as fraud measurement to Facebook advertisers last year. Now, it said advertisers can measure and evaluate performance across campaigns based on the 50%-in-view-for-one-second standard for display ads on Facebook. Viewability and fraud data are also available for display ads across Instagram display and video.

In addition, fraud data is available across Facebook’s Audience Network for video ads bought through the video view objective, extending third-party measurement to inventory outside of Facebook’s owned and operated properties.

“IAS is focused on expanding partnerships with companies like Facebook to ensure greater transparency for the entire ecosystem, empowering marketers to invest with confidence and ultimately, reach and influence target consumers," Scott Knoll, IAS CEO, told Digital News Daily via email. .

IAS verification of media buys across Facebook, said John Marshall, global head of advertising technology, HP, provides the "much needed transparency we need to evaluate the quality of our investment," adding that the data and support in analyzing performance helps to optimize spend across campaigns.

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