IAB Tech Lab Opens Header Bidding Standard For Public Comment

The Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Tech Lab on Thursday released a standard on header bidding technology for public comment. The “Standard Header Container Integration with an Ad Server” aims to create requirements to support the adoption of header bidding technology.

The IAB said the document offers insights into best practices that help standardize how header tags and containers interact with ad servers, and lays the groundwork for the use of more advanced technologies. It also aims to address the steps needed to integrate a yield management strategy with specifications related to line-item setup, employing header tag technology with an ad server, and reporting and discrepancy.

“Header bidding is a rapidly developing area in ad tech, creating an immediate need for standardized technology practices,” stated Alanna Gombert, senior vice president, technology and ad operations, IAB, and general manager, IAB Tech Lab. “This global standard is designed to put a concrete framework in place—allowing the industry to benefit from a consistent header bidding protocol that reaches across borders.”

The IAB Tech Lab is accepting comments on the proposed standard until July 28.

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